Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. ~Hippocrates

I am hoping to make this an interactive site. I would love your participation in the quest for health through good food and habits.

I have a science-based degree in dietetics (nutrition) and a degree in applied psychology. I believe most eating issues have a strong psychological component and must be addressed when there are weight challenges.

It is a whole new world, with so much information in the public domain. Some of it is helpful and science based. Some is outright quackery. The volume of information can easily overwhelm any conscientious reader. There are many fads and some just plain dangerous things being sold.

Understand there is no magic pill, no quick fix and no diet that will keep you at a healthy weight after weight loss. Reframing “diet” to mean how we eat all the time eliminates the “magic” that presumably happens when you are shedding pounds. Diet is a way of life, for the rest of your life. Eat a healthy diet and you will never have to worry about being on a diet. See the difference?

This blog will be filled over time with sane, relevant advice and resources, so you can begin to change your diet, and thereby, your health.

Come along with me on this journey. As always with my blogs, feel free to comment, ask questions or contact me personally if you want to connect privately.

To your health!

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