Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. ~Hippocrates

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Diatta: from the Greek for “Manner of Living”

In the introduction to my blog, I asserted that we need to reframe our definition of the word “diet.” Most of us think of that thing we do to lose weight.¬†Anyone who has been “on a diet,” knows it may work for awhile, but the weight comes back – maybe even goes up higher than before – once you get “off the diet.” I challenged you to consider interpreting the word as a way of life – a new and healthier one, that is not temporary.

In class one day, my teacher shared that the word diet comes from the Greek “diatta,” which means “manner of living.” Sounds a lot like a way of life – no? The Greeks totally get it, which is evidenced by the Mediterranean “Diet,” which is really how they live all the time. Illnesses we know of as related to poor and unhealthy eating habits are much less prevalent in Greece and neighboring countries, though they are on the rise as they adopt our American diet.

Chuck the reducing “diet” and make one small change in your diet every 2 weeks. Little by little, you will see changes in your body. It takes 21 days to establish a new habit. Changing a little at a time is not so overwhelming that it can’t be done. Besides, these foods that are good for you also are delicious!

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